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Anonymous asked: YOOOOOOOO unless you are apart of Native American Nations that did/do sweat lodges, it is really racist and culturally appropriative of you to do or promote sweat lodges.

Telling someone they can’t partake in a spiritual ceremony or spiritual tradition outside of their ethnic or culture, to me, is the equivalent of telling someone they can’t step inside of a church because the color of their skin isn’t dark, white or brown enough. My parents were born in Mexico and my grandmother (dad side) and grandfather (mother side) are both straight up indigenous from the mountainside. My hair, eyes and skin are dark and I look “native” as fuck yet any sort of knowledge of any nation/tribe/ancestry, of MY people, has been wiped out completely due to centuries of colonization. The sweat lodge ceremonies are ones that purify and connect you to the earth and the earth belongs to No One. We belong to Her and this fact alone gives anyone the right to connect to their Spirit in whatever tradition resonates most to their Soul- especially ones belonging to native medicine paths. The woman leading the lodge (Anna Forrest) is a medicine person and pipe carried initiated by the Lakota nation. Not to mention she lived on a reservation for 8 years and was married to a respected Lakota. In South America, where I am currently writing this post from (I’ve been working with the Shipibo shamans of the Peruvian amazon for the past 3years) they also practice sweat lodge ceremony (temazcal). So again, these traditions belong to all peoples.