Crystals are the brain cells of our mother planet which hold information that can be accessed in different ways by different souls for different purposes. This information is in essence, the energetic record of our planet’s evolution- and since everything is connected through Spirit- our evolution as well as that of the entire cosmos. Yes, ladies and gents crystals can take you there if you navigate their blue print with an open heart and crown.

As a living component of creation, there is so much we can learn from these wisdom keepers and story tellers.

This crystal formation allowed me enter into a mental picture of a certain era in which the equator held a different kind of energy about 125,000 years ago. This is back when the planet resonated to what I can only describe as pure solar plexus energy- pure power and force, which coming civilizations would later tap to create their empires.

In this photo am I’m hanging out with a smokey quartz cluster located at the Yoga Tree studio on Shotwell st. in San Francisco. Smokey quartz teaches us how to access and ground into our personal power (solar plexus chakra). Its energy can aid us as we journey into ourselves through meditation and shamanic vision quests for answers relating to our healing process, and can often help us uncover pockets of emotional trauma we have kept locked in our bodies and subconscious mind.
"How do you honor your boundaries while standing in your truth and owning your power with love and integrity and no ego toward others? True power has nothing to prove or defend. "
This stone is one that can teach your mind how to travel deep while staying grounded and protected in truth…soo cool <3

I love my clairvoyant abilities :-) What are some stories of your connection to crystals and their healing energy/wisdom? I’d love to hear about them :-)

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